Fireworks exploding across the sky, loved ones kissing, cuddling, and shaking hands, and 50% of people pledging that 2021 is the year they finally lose weight/quit smoking/start a business/spend more time with family/live life to the fullest. At the start of the new year, thousands of brand new cars will be registered and many will... Continue Reading →

Why Don’t I Get Called After A First Date?

Abstract: Memories of extreme love and emotions are important in whatever relationship but sometimes we get so tensed and over excited about meeting someone and after the hangout, we're never called back. What did I do wrong? You'll find out in this article. First dates are like movie trailers; short, exciting, unnerving, and interesting, leaving... Continue Reading →

LOVE SERIES: Forgiveness

Inside: From the view of the offended, forgiveness isn't fair because they have to face hurt twice; when the offense was committed, and when the gift of forgiveness is issued. But with the relieved burden and peace of mind, can it still be seen as unfair? Let's find out. It is logical to feel annoyed... Continue Reading →


Inside: As long as you're still on earth; alive, people will always have things to say for or against you. What matters anyway is that you believe the truth that YOU ARE ENOUGH. You'll do yourself good by believing in your abilities. Some time ago, seems like an eternity ago, All I wanted to do... Continue Reading →

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