“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.”

Rachel Wolchin

I sat and wondered what exactly Rachel Wolchin‘s thoughts and experiences were when she made that statement. From my little time living, and going on adventure journeys, I found every word of that statement true; in fact, there are no truer words. It’s just like in life, you don’t know what tomorrow holds although you have your life planned out, it could be the end of the world tonight and then what? Tomorrow never comes! So rather than be in one place, move around, try something you’re not used to.

The suspense, excitement, tension, with a little bit of anxiety and other unknown frightening feeling on your first trial at any activity is what makes the activity fun. You’d agree that the moment you get used to it, it’d not be as fun as it was the first time. You might want to keep the feeling by trying new things constantly(a handy advice).

I visited The Lekki Conservation Center in Lagos state, Nigeria. It was an experience, really! I have pictures to share with you so stick around and enjoy the ride…Hoo-lah-lah

The moment I saw the sign indicating that we were at the conservation center, there was this feeling of new energy that filled me from within; I no longer felt tired, haha, the distance was farther than I thought so it took a while to get there. But there was a high level of excitement and positive vibe, especially because I’m an optimist so you can imagine how that must have felt.

The process wasn’t so long, just checking in and getting passes. We had a short orientation before the tour, letting us know what we can and cannot do during our time there. I almost cried when I heard the tour was on foot, no edibles allowed including water, and the tour will take an average of 1hr 45mins but it took longer tho, about 2hours.

There was a not-so-fashionable wooden walkway above the swamp – it was really strong so I figured out why it wasn’t so fashionable, the goal was something strong rather than beautiful. I saw really tall trees, swamp turtle, monkeys, insects too lol. I have a picture of a monkey and I must say, I take back everything I’ve said against monkeys, those things are actually beautiful and not troublesome, they act only when you take things that triggers them to. They literally didn’t attack for no reason, love love those.

The not-so-fashionable wooden walkway.
Different trees

There were other fun things like the family park, large chess and draft boards, water fountain, the tree house -this looked quite damaged tho, just saying, the car park, cafeteria, and places to relax, it was a really good sight.

Ignore my stressed face, it looks same with the draft.

Moving on to my best, frightening, terrific, and unforgettable memory, “The Canopy Walk”. I loved loved that. It was quite an adventure for me because I hate heights, one of my biggest fears is looking down from a height. It’s different when you’re on a flight because you don’t have to do anything, the plane is literally the one carrying you, but when you have to do the movement yourself, that’s a whole different thing.

The canopy walk

I faced my fears, and I’m so proud of myself. The highest point of this bridge is 22.5metres, for someone afraid of heights? Omoo, I did great. I saw people quit but they made me promise myself to keep moving. Just in case you see a random video of me talking about my experience, that was after the walk, a woman took that video but I never got the chance to collect it. It was terrific! I’ll definitely go on the canopy walk some other time, even if I said never again.

This was fun


We’ve gotten to the end of your virtual tour of the Lekki Conservation Center, with me as the host. Tell me what you think and which other places you’d love me to visit in the comment session. I love writing to you.



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