Why does it only have to be greener on the other side? Why isn’t the green here enough? Green is believed to signify productivity, progress, growth, and even better things so what’s up with this place? Where I am.

Overtime, people have believed that there’s an assurance of a better life where they are not;

  • I’d be prettier if I was taller,
  • My life would be sweeter if I had a partner,
  • I’d be in a better position if I were rich,
  • Life would make more meaning without laws

In fact, there’s always something to compare with where you are. However, if you’d think about it, people where you are not consider your location as “the other side”. It’s very true our lives will turn out better with bigger opportunities and improved standards of living, as long as the absence of these things isn’t an excuse for unproductivity.

Maybe the issue isn’t where you are not, or what you don’t have, or what you are not, maybe the real problem are the things you have believed overtime.

Mindset: The Real problem and Actual Solution

We live in a society that feeds us with some knowledge that we’d be better off without. As a child, I got used to hearing “once you grow, finish your university and come out well, you’ll travel to ‘obodo oyibo’ to work because Nigeria can’t pay you well”. We heard stories of how Nigeria was the worst country in terms of education, health, aviation, technology, and so much more but we have well paid professionals, even in this system. Unfortunately, we embraced a lie and have built our lives around it. Think about it!

A series of self-perceptions and beliefs people hold about themselves creates their mindset.

For every time I thought I couldn’t do great at a task, I didn’t. Your mind is subject to your thoughts, perceptions, and values. The solution however is equally your mindset; the importance of positivity cannot be overemphasized. Listen to your thoughts and question them, journal, stay positive, optimism is a key to healthy living, these will help you build the right mindset.

On The Other Side

From my point of view, you are on the other side; the reader’s side. And from yours, I’m on the other side; the writer’s side. That’s exactly how it is with life, whichever angle you take a look from, there’s always another side. It isn’t always greener where you are not than it is where you are, you can choose how and what your life should be like, you’ve got this!

If you want to be happy, just be happy; choose to do the right things that bring you happiness.

If you want love, just love; you have all it takes.

If you must do anything, just do it; as long as it’s the right thing, you are enough.

You are literally ON THE OTHER SIDE.

Write you soon. xx

If you found this article helpful, do well to share it to someone, it’ll mean a lot to me too, thank you.

Featured Image: Photo by Alexavier Rylee Cimafranca from Pexels

15 thoughts on “ON THE OTHER SIDE

Add yours

  1. The wrong perception simply creates an illusion, which births a false hope that prevents the maximum yield of our sides of today.
    Don’t pitch your tent on a fake and false ‘other side’.

    Thanks Praizey for the fresh splash of wisdom 🙌🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for these words that motivate me to be productive and to always make the best of my life where I am.
    I love what you do, may the Holy Spirit keep inspiring you so you can continue to bless us. More wisdom ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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