Life Lately: Just Trust – 5 helpful tips.

“You can’t do life alone, that’s why I’m here to support you” were Stacy’s exact words to me but she still stabbed me at the back. I’d probably be better if I hadn’t trusted her.

As serious as starting a business, getting into college, and starting a family is, intentionally trusting someone is even more important as it is a ground on which big and little steps are taken. I have to trust that my business will strive before starting regardless of what it takes. I have to trust that getting into college is the right thing to do at this point in my life. I have to trust that I can take the responsibilities of starting a family before getting into it. Trust cannot be removed from the equation if it must be balanced.

Table Of Contents

  • What exactly is trust?
  • Why is it important to trust?
  • 5 helpful tips to trust effectively.
  • Share this knowledge, help someone!

What exactly is trust?

Children are the best exhibitors of trust. As a young girl, I hated heights. I’ll literally shy away from fun activities as long as it involved being above ground level, it could pass as a dislike then. However, when I did it with either of my parents I felt safe. I was certain that there’s no way I’ll get hurt in the presence of my parents, they’ll protect me. Now, this is trust! Complete reliance on someone or something.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Why is it important to trust?

  • Trust brings support: Nobody is an island. This statement is cliche, I agree with you but even life won’t be without you and me. Everything exists for something and trust isn’t an exception. Having someone to rely on is key as it makes your journey through life less burdensome.
  • Trust creates safety: You don’t want to be insecure every single time – doubting your decisions and that of others, wanting to do things alone because you don’t think others are capable of doing them, or being reluctant to entrust projects in the hands of others. Confidence in people creates an atmosphere for safety.
  • Trust assures completeness: You’ll always feel inadequate and limited because you don’t trust that you’re good enough. Learning to trust yourself assures that you are enough, and can achieve even greater things.

I could keep listing things that trust breeds but I assure you that as you learn to trust, you’ll be glad at your level of growth.

5 helpful tips to trust effectively

It takes effort to build so I’ll say that building trust requires your participation. I’ve come up with practical TRUST tips to help you on this journey.

  • T – Truth. Be true to your words; it’s impossible to hold onto someone’s words when you can’t even hold on to yours. Honor your commitments, don’t make promises you cannot fulfill. You cannot give out what you don’t have, always remember this.
  • R – Real. Be real, be yourself. It’s easy to say you dislike dishonesty and pretense, but do you reflect your genuine character rather than do things to please others? Being real to yourself and others affects how you see others.
  • U – Understand. People think, talk, comprehend, and even act differently. Being able to understand and put yourself in people’s shoes helps you relate better with them which eventually breeds trust.
  • S – Show your feelings. This is one difficult thing to do especially for people with restrictions. Talk about your emotions, show that you care about others, be open-minded. Emotions are paths to our minds as they are the exact expression of our thoughts, talking about them creates an avenue for trust.
  • T – Take steps. You can read 1001 articles on trust and still stay the same, the true change starts when you decide to take conscious and consistent steps on trusting people. Don’t expect too much from people too soon, it’s a gradual process – one step at a time. Be consistent, slow and steady always win.

Share this knowledge, help someone!

This was a fun piece to write, and I’m sure there was a lot to learn. Tell me in the comments section what you learned and also other tips you think will be useful. Help someone else, share this article by clicking on the share button below.

Write you soon.


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    I will absolutely tell this to someone! Thanks for blessing us with this one❤️

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