MY ONE YEAR BLOG ANNIVERSARY – Literally, thank you!

It’s been more than an hour with my notepad in front of me, my pen in my hand, and my brain literally on my notepad screaming “Praize, put in words all the emotions and mushy feelings, write something down”. English is at the point of inadequacy – it can’t fathom what my heart has to say to you.

Literally, thank you!

Table Of Contents

  • The Idea
  • The Wait
  • The Move
  • The Process
Photo by @ChelseaHodson

The Idea

Growing up in a country like Nigeria, I wasn’t familiar with blogging, although my family and I was based in Lagos, Nigeria’s land of opportunity and civilization.

Writing was something I loved and enjoyed doing because I wasn’t outspoken or sociable. I’d stay indoor, writing stories for fun – it could pass as a hobby then.

In December 2019, a thought crossed my mind – how would starting a blog look like? At this time, I’ve heard a few things about blogging but from foreigners – no shades, Nigerian bloggers didn’t give me the contents I needed.

The Wait

I started making researches in 2020 about blogging, but they seemed so burdensome and expensive so I gave up – but not completely. I decided that when the time is right, I’ll start a blog.

On one of my quiet time with Abba, I decided to talk to Him about it, then I received insights and understanding on what to do when I start a blog. This was the foundation on which I built my blog, it just took time to process.

The Move

It was on a Sunday afternoon after service, I felt a nudge to write an article and publish but there was so much going on in my head – skepticism. I pondered a while and eventually came up with what turned out beautiful – my first blog post.

That was the start of this journey, it doesn’t even seem like a year to me, oh wow!

The Process

I’m not the best at consistency so I can’t talk about how I’ve been active here, my apologies, but there’s always joy writing to you.

This home we’ve built has over time become a safe spot for sanity and growth. I’ll sit sometimes, going through all the posts and sheepishly smiling because of how beautifully our content structure is evolving. It hasn’t been all rosy – but it’s truly an endless ride.

Thank you! For staying true, for sharing the contents, for your comments, for your participation, for everything. I went through our stats today and found out that our contents are consistently read from 40+ countries – who’d imagine? All I could do was tear up in excitement and gratitude.

Let’s do this again this season, tell others about this family, we love to have people here. Praize Achom’s Blog to the world.

Happy 1st Blogiversary to us!

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