A Must Read For All Nigerians/ UARians

In the midst of hardship, crisis and pain, the strongest people are said to be those that pull through, guess what? Nigerians have proven to be that over and again.

Table Of Contents.

  • Where we are
  • What’s the way out?
  • Let’s spread this movement

Where we are

The recent Twitter ban – which the government is considering releasing, the terrible economy that keeps growing worse by the day, the tragedy in certain states – especially in the eastern parts of the country, and so many other mishaps is enough to keep a people heartbroken and helpless.

I school in the eastern part of Nigeria, and I’ve not left my environment because it’s truly not safe anywhere – random killing everywhere. Why do we have to be locked in for fear of the unknown? I should write about these often but it’s even depressing talking about it right now.

In 2015, we elected a president in a bid to get rid of the one we felt wasn’t the best for our country, Nigeria – I wasn’t part of those, but we meuve. The country wasn’t getting better, the CHANGE we were promised came but negatively, and I was so excited as it approached the end of the tenure in 2019, “were finally getting free from the bondage”, so I thought.

Our beloved president tweeted an appreciation to those who carried out the election processes on social media. What was his thought when he banned Twitter? Lol

In 2019, the same person was elected. Why? We saw all that happened – the backwardness in our economy and development but we choose to stay in this government. A government that will never take the blames for the country current situation, we truly don’t deserve this treatment in a democracy.

What’s the way out?

I’m completely awed by how Nigerians continuously make themselves happy amidst the situation surrounding us. And we’ve stayed United with regards to taking decisions especially on media platforms – probably that’s why the proposal to change Nigeria’s name to The United African Republic.

I have truly just one plea, let’s be in one piece in 2023. The quote “United we stand, divided we fall” isn’t just cliche, Nigeria deserves more, YOU deserve more. UARians deserves more than this, and our unity can make this happen.

It’s truly exhausting seeing Nigeria as disoriented and disorganized as it is at the moment. The same people fighting corruption are the corrupt ones, the same people recovering looted funds are also looting funds, the same people improving the economy are still the ones borrowing from nations – devaluing our Naira, it’s high time we stood for what is right.

Photo by Matthias Groeneveld from Pexels

Let’s spread this movement

As much as we pray for Nigeria and hope that it gets better, there’s a need to act as well – vote during elections, stay away from violent acts(that’s a way the government gets us), if you must protest, make sure it’s a protest, not a riot. Speak up, just do something as long as it isn’t violent. Share this article, more people needs to see this.

We always win, this is the confidence I have, we always win.

We always win.

28 thoughts on “A Must Read For All Nigerians/ UARians

Add yours

  1. Another masterpiece which we cannot compare with the ones of the past even yet better is still to come. Thank you so much Praizy. God bless Nigeria/ URA😅🤲

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  2. It’s so sad how we get treated by the same people we voted in. They want to take out human rights from us with their bad leadership. Thanks for this piece….. God bless you and God heal our land🙏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You got it right dear, we desired a change, yes we got a change but it wasn’t the desired change….

    … But we musnt relent, we must keep asking, fighting, speaking up till we get the desired change.

    The quote “when the desirable is not available, the available becomes the desirable” doesn’t apply in this case.

    Thanks for the reminder

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  4. The Lugardic conjugation and conglomeration is diseased and infested with oppression and subjugation; until the malignant tumor is expunged we’re all in for a cataclysmic shock…the sad reality is that the innocent lives being wasted would never have a second chance or redress….😭😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hm. I had to read this over and again to fully understand you😂
      I agree with you, there’s lot of work to be done in Nigeria. And hopefully, things will work out.


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