ABSTRACT: Everything that’s created comes out of silence. Your thoughts emerge from the nothingness of silence. Your words come out of this void. Your very essence emerged from emptiness. All creativity requires some stillness.

Lying down on my bed at 2:00 am, head towards the ceiling, my brain and mind at work; mapping out and planning what my life would look like if it had everything I need and will ever need eventually in it. The fancy cars, houses, expensive dresses, jewelry, exotic vacations and so much more…the ideal and perfect life. If only wishes were horses, this should have been an endless ride.

This is a short story of two brothers; Mrs. Martins decided to surprise her sons and said to Justice, “here’s a house for you, it has furniture(although not well organized), utensils, clothing, and everything I think you’ll need, sort them out.” “To you, Gideon here’s a house for you too but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough resources to get what you might be needing, I’ll help you out as time passes, for now sort yourself out”. Justice arranged his house in 1 week and A-BOOM! He’s all set. It however took Gideon about 6 months to be done furnishing his house but he was extremely happy and satisfied with what his house looked like.

You’ll keep having to make do with whatever life throws at you when you don’t get it done yourself. With family, friends, society, media, and even acquaintances dictating your life, you’ll keep living by the lie that you have to depend on others’ opinions to lead your life.

Contrary to the perceived meaning and idea of nothingness is what I call STRENGTH OF NOTHINGNESS! You’d never be creative if there’s no need for it, what’s the essence of planning a killer vacation if it’s a routine, or a beautiful life if yours is as beautiful and perfect as it should. Even scriptures tell us that the earth was without form and void at the beginning of creation and here we are today, living in a place that was once void.

Life is as beautiful and meaningful as you make it; you can add, subtract, invent, import, edit, whatever you want, do what you wish, it’s an empty space.

YOU! As much as anyone else matter, more than you know it. You deserve happiness. You are brave. You are strong. You are amazing. You have all it takes. You rule your world. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Don’t allow anybody to help you to decide what your life should be or look like. You have a strength, take advantage of that void, leverage on that emptiness, it’s your drive for creativity. You’ll get everything out of nothing.

Write to you soon.


XOXO…don’t be like me, holding your mask, be sure to #maskup


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  1. Awwww…this is actually my first time reading your piece…it’s really a nice one.. Keep doing this and see where it leads you.
    I love ya praizey.

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  2. nothingness is the sweetest part of life. Come to think of it. That’s exactly what we mean by when we say “we need peace of mind” and guess what. Once you have a valuable peace of mind., in the silence of it all, in that midst of void and nothingness CREATIVITY ALWAYS SPROUTS UP. Kudos dear.. I feel you. #DIASUM

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  3. I look forward to your post everytime. It’s amazing how you capture the minds of your readers. “Peace of mind” is very important.

    Keep giving us the very best Praizy❣️❣️

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  4. 🤤🤤 NOTHING!

    This is Breath, this key wisdom is what 21st Century man needs for survival.

    Where the available space is seemingly getting tighter

    I learnt to own my space…🙂 WELL-DONE Miss Achom

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    1. Yes, absolute nothingness is what we leverage on.
      We all have it but we make it seem as though we lack it…. It’s just Nothing😂
      I learned to own my space as well and decided to share, it’s great to know this piece benefited you. Thank you⚡


  5. The irony of the cataclysmic explosion yielding a most beautiful Eden
    The silent creeping and still flowing rivers creating a mighty deluge of an ocean
    The foolery of brokenness and emptiness evolving a dynamo of wonders…

    Kudos Praizey for the deeper plunge🙌

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