Yet Another Birthday?!

Abstract: there’s always that day, one in a year, when your privacy is intruded without bounds. Is a birthday celebration a bad choice after all?

This piece is a bit rough but I promised to publish a post today and boom, here I am.

It’s about that time of the year; the texts, calls, posts, and so much more. Your hand must surely hurt because you’ll use almost all your day to reply to messages. The uncontrolled consumption of junk too “E choke”.

Today was great for me, I had to rest, talk to people and move on with life.

Chai! The good thing however is that I relished every moment, reliving some.

It’s another year and you’re told the same lie over and again “you are +1” but in the real sense, it’s a “-1”. Your life gets shorter as you grow older. You are probably already thinking of making your life count.

I could decide to do nothing yunno? Take a shower, eat, sleep, wake up and it becomes a routine. Or get up every day to do something different with my limited time alive. What would you choose? You’ll still die eventually.

Reflecting on the world systems confuses me a lot because it tells you to be PERFECT. But I am;

So brave yet vulnerable,
Strong yet with weaknesses,
Bold yet naive,
Full of Joy, yet troubled sometimes.

Well, I’ll only tell you to do one thing; Be YOU! Everyone else is taken.



7 thoughts on “Yet Another Birthday?!

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  1. I could relate to this so much,.altho we are to count and celebrate our birthday but we should also not forget that we need to do all we have to do cos there will be a death day too. Nice pics of work

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