Abstract: Everything seems okay until it suddenly stops being okay. It hurts the most when you could do something to change it but refused out of your stubbornness or carelessness. Is ‘a space’ necessary in any relationship?

At the start of the year, my relationship goals were all set, waiting for the time of execution. It wasn’t even up to a year and the affection, “mushy” feelings, and endless butterflies racing in my stomach made it so hard to comprehend. Seems too good to be true!

My main goal was to spice the relationship with endless adventures as I never really relished going out the previous year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it was something to look forward to yunno?!

It was the new year and as always the conversation was good. Everything was coming along well until I started getting occupied with this new person, and I wanted to process every single emotion and eventually, strike a balance.

But can you be dedicated to two people equally?

Striking a balance isn’t as easy as it seems; you could get torn between family and career, relationship and music, or anything at all. What matters however is making sure they both thrive yeah? If only wishes were horses, it would have been an endless ride.

I started getting endless complaints and I knew it was important to stay focused but I was getting so mesmerized by this new person so much; how soothing the voice sounded, and how the touch felt started the intimacy I didn’t expect. What was I thinking tho?

I decided to get a break from my relationship and it didn’t end well. I planned that I’ll come back with a practical process to get things done and make things better and that’s why I am here, to seek your advice. Please be honest.

What is the most effective way to balance writing/blogging(my real love) and learning to play the flute(the new person)? Because I planned on spamming you with premium content this year.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Praize Achom.



Add yours

  1. I knew you were up to something🌚..but I kept reading because they say “what God cannot do,doesn’t exist”😂😂… the gist I thought I would see tho💔..I love this write up!!! Well done kiddo(my fav blogger)

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  2. I actually thought you were talking about two people and i was so captivated. You have the skill of captivating your audience and getting their full attention, it’s quite a rare thing to find nowadays in writers and am so proud of you.

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  3. You really caught my attention you know? At first I was thinking you were referring to a human until I got to the last paragraph. You are very good with this content writing girl. I think you should find a way to balance your “real love” and the “person”. Above all, create time for yourself because that’s very essential and it’s the basic thing to do for your mental health.

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