Abstract: More than often, we change. Sometimes we pick up new habits and with time adapt to them, other times, someone comes into our lives and changes everything. Could it be love??

We were made to stay active for certain hours, and get rest at some and when this is violated/ignored, we’ll most likely not function properly. Does sleepless night and endless thoughts about someone or something make it love?

13-12-2020 || 2:37 am

On my bed, looking at the screens and doing something I’d never do on a regular day, surf the internet, how? I grew to love researching, studying, and revising because it feels so good to learn new things(I don’t know about you), but at this time, nehhh!. The past few weeks have been a lot and I have been able to buy myself enough time to process everything that has been happening. Let’s move to earlier today

12-12-2020 || 11:43 pm

I had just spoken with Yazz, my sweet friend, and was certain about going to bed this time(I made that plan earlier). I was tired and needed rest, periodt! My day wasn’t so stressful, it was restful(on a lighter note) but I haven’t had enough rest in days. I’ve had to join in the RCCG Holy Ghost Congress which affected my schedule, moving my bedtime to midnight and that is a good reason to sleep even earlier. Plus I love to sleep early except I have a call.

Inside: she loves taking pictures like me😍

I had just finished typing and printing out hymns for Carol tomorrow. I’m particularly excited about this one because it’s going to be so much fun. Anywho, it wasn’t planned so I was pissed especially when the printer started acting up. Like? Really now?? No, tell me! Then I decided to go to bed after that, but I eventually didn’t

We meeeuuuve!

At this point, I won’t be specific anymore. I’ve been lacking sleep for some days. Usually, I pick up a book to read, or study, or pray whenever this happens. One day, I had to call a friend Createen, the plug, to accompany me in this world of no sleep and he did great. I love my sleep so much, even more than my looks(not sure about that) but I didn’t seem to get the whole sleep idea thing.

What Do I Do?

Interlude: I’m so pretty geez!

Every human has a love story, the emotions flying around, the excessive sweetness, and the lessons learned, it’s such a great sight! What makes it beautiful is that eventually, we’ll all experience it, one way or the other.

  • Take it easy on yourself;
  • Process how you feel;
  • Define what you feel, it goes a long way;
  • Set your priority; do this in the order of importance, so you know if your feelings are right for the time.
  • Choose your priority

It’s about 3:33 am || 13-12-2020 in the morning, and I’m still not sleepy,

I’m in love! I LOVE THE NIGHT. I can think, study, learn, and even communicate in a calmer and extremely serene environment. I’ll tell you about how late nights have been with me. Stay connected.


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  1. You’re a great writer.
    It’s amazing how your next piece is always better than the former. I’m in love! I’m in love with your style and your writing ability.
    Please stay true to this, I see a brighter future ahead. Selah!

    Liked by 1 person

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