Detty December: Gbadun ara rẹ pẹlu iṣọra – 5 tips for staying sane during the holidays!

Over the years, December has held the status, being the month of excess enjoyment and flexing, as it is the last month of the year and also the less occupied months for most people, especially with “white-collar jobs”. It comes with a whole new mood and feeling, parties, concerts, hangouts, and generally making memories. With how rough this year has been, locked down for months, seeing movies alone, playing games, attending virtual seminars and meetings, schooling and writing exams online, learning new skills, and so many others at home, the excitement that things are gradually going back to the norm could make you overdo your enjoyment. So, I’d say, “gbadun ara rẹ pẹlu iṣọra”, meaning “enjoy yourself with caution”. Let’s see a few tips on having a great December.

  • Plan a budget: I know you just want to cruise this month, have as much fun as you can, listen to all the “this life na only one” voices in your head, but remember that when the month is over you’ll have to listen to the “ask for urgent 2k” voices in your head. For your sake, plan a budget, it’s not so difficult. Highlight the necessary events, look for the one that fits into your budget, and leave the rest, you’ll still have maximum fun. You don’t want to go through the trauma of being broke and waiting for miracle income as you did at the beginning of this year, plan a budget.
  • Have a well-organized closet: Don’t allow outfits to limit you this December, and mind you, you don’t need to have all the money before you look good. You can slay even on a budget(I should create a post on that, what do you think? Let me know in the comment section). It’s no news that you’re addressed based on how you dress, so select outfits that you can be comfortable in so you can be free to move about and feel good about yourself. You can’t afford to sit still just because your dress is too tight, short, or revealing, “no go spoil your shine”.
  • You’d need internet access: Imagine going out, enjoying all the fun without data to share those memories or post pictures, nehh! That can’t be me. And, if you love privacy, solitude, and space, and you’ll be having your detty December from the comfort of your home, then, keep the rest of us updated, and also join in the fun via social media. So, as you make plans for your outdoor or indoor cruising, make data or router subscription the top of the list.
  • Be sure to have fully charged power banks and phones: During an event, or hang out, your battery is never guaranteed to last you through, remember, you’ll take pictures, make videos, and most likely update your media, don’t even take the risk. You’ll come across even annoying people that’ll be targeting your power bank, “abeg make I boost my phone small”, you won’t say no, so ensure it’s fully charged.
  • Try out new dishes: It’s a great idea to learn how to prepare a dish, try something new. I’m definitely going to do this and I’ll ensure to keep you updated, I’ll share DIY tips on dishes I learned this holiday. The benefit of this includes cutting costs and an amazing experience. You’d be glad you did.

It was so much fun writing this post, let me know how helpful it was and the topics you’d love me to write on this holiday in the comment section below. Bye!

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