Happy Monday! Here are tips for having a great week

Starting a new week comes with a different feeling, reflecting on how your previous week went, the task you met and didn’t meet, the issues it came with, how hard or smooth it was, and even the projects that you had to extend to the new week, all these and more can make you feel good, bad or indifferent about the new week. It’s not bad to have these feelings, but it becomes bad when you allow past experiences to affect new adventures. So, I decided to share some tips that have worked for me over time. Sit back and have a great read.

#Tip 1. Exercise: The benefit of exercising is that it helps you stay active. I understand that you don’t have all the time and energy but just a stretch exercise will do. I realized that whenever I skip exercise, I feel exhausted during the day after little or no activity at all. Exercise is such a great way to start each day of the week, you’ll be more productive when you put this to practice.

#Tip 2. Eat: I’m not the best at this because I get sleepy after breakfast, but, it is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it replenishes your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and alertness, while also providing other essential nutrients required for good health. By doing this daily, you’ll have enough energy to start your day which is a step towards having a great week.

#Tip 3. Dress For Success: That you work from home isn’t a reason to not look good, I see a lot of people dressing extremely poor because they aren’t going out, no! Feel good about yourself, once you wake up in the morning, exercise, take your bath, dress up, look good, you’re more productive when you do that. It’s one of my most preached laws, dress for success every day.

I was going nowhere this day and it’s not my first.

#Tip 4. Be positive: Positivity helps you stay sane. There were times I constantly thought negatively, guess what? I was never as productive as I am today. You’ll be more productive when you stay optimistic. I started a series on Instagram just recently, Optimism With Praizey. You can also check out my post on optimism here

I love this GIF, so apt!

#Tip 5. Get the most out of every day: This may seem like a platitude but it’s still a fact. Don’t slow down your happiness, or fulfillment, make every day count. Be inspired, read a book, make researches, learn a new thing daily. This way, you’ll have such a great and productive week.

#Tip 6. Make a to-do list: A lot of people say to make a list the Friday before the new week. What if you had a disheartening past week? It makes it hard to stay positive the new week. So, I like to make my lists on Monday, it doesn’t make it slow, it just buys me enough time to see what my new week brings which prevents me from making statements like “I didn’t plan for this”. What works for me might not work for you, so if you have a different opinion, let me know in the comment section.

Not as long as Spongebob’s😂

#Tip 7. Be disciplined: Here’s one of my loved quotes “What lies in our power to do, lies in our power not to do.”


#Tip 8. Perform a random act of kindness: Show kindness to people, take a coffee to your colleague, help your neighbor with a favor, send a text to your friend, letting him/her know how much you care. You’ll be amazed that you’ll equally be shown random acts of kindness.

“You can’t sow a seed and get a seed; you’ll get fruits(with many seeds). Life multiplies, that’s how it was structured.

So, if you don’t like what you’re getting, change what you’re giving.”

Praize Achom

#Tip 9. Have fun: create time to hang out with a friend, chill out, just have fun. This helps you forget seriousness, at least, for a while. While creating your to-do list, ensure you add “have fun”, you’d be glad you did.

#Tip 10. Rest: You’ll break down when you don’t rest, so it’s very important. I published a post on rest some time ago, you should check it out. Having a great week must include having a great rest.

Apply these tips in your daily life and let me know what the outcome is after this week. Also, share your thoughts on the topic in the comment section.

Have a great week!

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