Coming from society’s viewpoint, so many questions have been raised in a quest to understand what sacrifice truly means. With individuals constantly throwing it into our faces how much sacrifice they have made through their acts of service. The issue broadens as the same people who claim to be sacrificers now betray the very ones that trusted them, so disheartening. In a discussion with Miss Chidera Divine Okoye-Nnaeze, she shared her view on the topic and I thought it wise to share these views with you as well.

Delving into the subject today, sacrifice according to English definition is an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy. What this simply means is forgoing something valuable for another even more valuable thing. So puzzled at what sense this makes, I created a scenario in my head. Imagine being in your penultimate year in college, and you win a scholarship, the same course of study, but in your dream school and dream country, will you take the scholarship or forgo the scholarship to complete the degree in your present country? Tell me what your answer would be in the comments section.

Sacrifice and Love

Sacrifice doesn’t necessarily mean you have to forgo something big or huge for someone. Rather, it’s doing something no matter how little to help your relationship with someone to grow.

Chidera Divine Okoye-Nnaeze

I’ve been opportune to speak with young minds, most of which are teenagers who feel neglected or unloved, and one common thing is that beyond being catered for(upkeep), they desire the sacrifice of time. Most parents lag in this area, they get too busy working that they forget about who they are working for. Same thing in marriage, dating, and even courtship. Let’s explore the types of sacrifice there are.

Types Of Sacrifice

As much as we’d love to generalize sacrifices, I appreciate being specific because it helps to identify which we lack.

  • The sacrifice of Time; this is the most trivialized kind of sacrifice. It’s quite understandable that you could be caught up in life’s hustle and bustle but it’s not too much to forgo 5-10mins to call or text a friend/family, or even stop by at his/her place of work to check on and ensure he/she is doing great. As little as it sounds, it builds memories of love and light in the hearts of individuals. Plan to do this daily, you’d be glad you did.
  • The sacrifice of Comfort; ever had a friend come to your place for the weekend as an introvert who enjoys solitude? Then this could be your chance to show your friend that you welcome and care about him/her. Share your snack, your space, your time, and everything you’d rather enjoy doing alone.
  • The sacrifice of Food; as unreasonably funny as this looks, sharing a meal with someone is a form of sacrifice. Beyond the norm “will you join me eat?”, inviting people to join you as you eat is a great idea. It builds trust and comfort.
  • The sacrifice of Freedom; You have a colleague who’d rather have lunch on a table for two rather than attend a party, then go for it. You don’t always have to think about yourself alone, you can always attend parties, don’t make people uncomfortable and unaccepted.
  • The sacrifice of Life; this is the highest level of sacrifice anyone can give. It’s not easy to willingly give up your life for someone or a people, it’s hard. The likes of Jack Phillips, Godwin Ajala, Rick Rescorla, to mention only a few, are heroes, they gave up their lives to see people live. My dear Jesus Christ sacrificed his life to save the world, generations before us, and that which is to come.
  • The sacrifice of Habits; “Relationships aren’t a bed of roses. If two people decide to be together, there must be things or habits that don’t correlate with the partner’s belief or values, and for an authentic relationship, they have to be forgone.” – Chidera Divine Okoye-Nnaeze

I know you’re excited and probably want to jump into sacrificing all you can to show how much you love and care about those around you. There are don’t(s) of sacrifice; things you shouldn’t sacrifice;

  • Don’t sacrifice your needs. I understand you want to share all you have with people. Remember, your needs are necessities, things you most likely can’t do without. You won’t want to give up those as your life depends on it.
  • Don’t sacrifice self-care. Sometimes you might be exhausted from the day’s job and need rest. Don’t say because you need to show love and care, you’ll stay up all night knowing that you’d have to be at work early. There should be an understanding, it doesn’t have to be a daily routine.
  • Don’t sacrifice having a voice. It is important to speak up to negotiate. That you can’t always have what you want doesn’t mean you shouldn’t express yourself.

It’s been a great journey on the subject of sacrifice. As exciting as sacrificing is, do not blackmail people’s emotions simply because you sacrificed one thing or the other for them. Let me know your thoughts on this topic in the comments below, thanks!

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  1. Phew. Phew. Phew! This is one ride of an article! I enjoyed every bit. For the scholarship part, firstly I’ll be very confused and I’ll definitely have to pray and whatever my father says is what I’ll do but as per sey I deenor have dream school, we’re leaving it at that😂.

    Thank you for this, Praizey 💓

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