As valuable as knowledge, character, experience, and the result is in making influence, the symphony of the message is enhanced only by the power of confidence. Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. In simple terms, it is a belief in oneself, someone, or something.

The foundational stages of life are childhood and adolescence because that’s when an individual’s personality is structured. Amazingly, no individual is born with confidence; our experiences act as the basis on which our value system is formed. An individual whose childhood/past was surrounded by bullying, harassment, ill-mannerism, intimidation, hatred, and so many other mishaps will most likely have low self-worth, and guess what? Self-worth is the foundation on which self-confidence is built.

Building self-worth which will eventually improve self-confidence and reliance requires strategic steps and efforts. Before I move onto the steps in boosting self-esteem, I’d love to state some of the reasons for low self-esteem;

  1. Disregard for self-value.
  2. Negative thinking/pessimism.
  3. Self-sabotage.
  4. Low or absence of emotional intelligence.

Improving your confidence is simply by replacing the negativity with positivity.


It’s not enough to cancel out a performed task or an achieved goal, celebrate yourself. Appreciate your efforts, your impacts, no matter how little it might seem.

“true impact isn’t in the huge steps we take but in those we consider as extremely small and countless; the BABY STEPS

Praize Achom


Most people fail not because of their lack of competence but their lack of positivity. Challenge your thinking, stop condemning yourself right before you even start a project, it’s impossible to deliver your best that way. Learn optimism; it’s a major key to healthy living.


Research has shown that 10%-13% of individuals suffer from emotional intelligence deficits yearly. This can be solved in several ways; visiting a therapist, constantly speaking words of affirmation to yourself, self-love and care, and even taking courses on emotional intelligence.

“No one can hurt you without your consent”

Eleanor Roosevelt

As the stars independently shine on the night sky, so will your confidence speak for you in this highly competitive world. Remember this always.



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