In the Hustle and bustle world we live in, it can be difficult to have a balanced healthy life. If you are a student, worker(an employee), and/or a parent, 24 hours per day can seem so small; like it evaporates.

Rest is considered permissive, and most people feel culpable when taking some time for themselves due to the underlying expectation to keep going.

According to English definition rest means to cease work or movement in order to relax, sleep, or recover strength. Rest also mean to be placed or supported so as to stay in a specified position.

The issue of rest cannot be overemphasized. The usefulness of the laptop charger is to recharge it; if you keep using it without charging it, the battery will eventually die and you might not be able to use it when you are in need of it. That’s how important rest is to humans. If you don’t get enough rest, you will eventually break down and be inactive.

If you are waking up(after sleeping) and still exhausted, the issue probably isn’t sleep. It’s likely a rest deficit.

Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD.

I’ll be stating the types of rests there are and how to maximize them. Sit back, grab a drink, let’s learn.


The most common and undertreated form of stress is physical stress which is as a result of overuse of the body, lack of sufficient sleep and bad standing and sitting posture. Amazingly, there is a remedy for this kind of stress and it is getting PHYSICAL REST. Below are tips for physical rest.

I. Taking deep breaths at intervals daily.
II. Exercising.
III. Sleep. Its really not a bad idea to take out time to sleep.


Meeting people and keeping up with them can be exhausting, but balancing productive encounters with strenuous ones can help the state of well-being. If you are competitive and goal-oriented, it will become really easy to be a solo warrior lol and get stressed. In this situation, the remedy for this stress is SOCIAL REST. Below are tips for social rest.

I. Search for people you won’t compete with – enjoy your growth process.
II. Take a time off social media – I do that a lot, I even had a break recently.
III. Catch up with an old friend – someone you can be open with.


Imagine or think of a time you were heartbroken, sad or listening to a sad song – tired, hungry and bewildered all at once. You’re most likely emotionally stressed and need EMOTIONAL REST. Below are tips for emotional rest.

I. Get regular therapy sessions.
II. Offload your feelings to a willing listener – rant.
III. Be optimistic – check out my post on optimism here.


Ever stared at a page of a book for more than 10minutes, or composed a very incomprehensible email? That moment you feel your brain’s turned into a pulp? Then you must know you’re mentally stressed and need MENTAL REST. Below are tips for mental rest.

I. Meditation.
II. Take a break – take out time to relax and ground yourself.


If you’ve ever brainstormed solutions at work, school, with friends, or put together plans for an event, being creative could be your thing. But you can get caught up in all these and will eventually need CREATIVE REST. Below are tips for creative rest.

I. Take a walk.
II. Surround yourself with inspirations – this is to prevent thinking too much.
III. Read a book – and engaging one.
IV. Avoid pressure.


This is one of the most prevalent drainers caused by screens. It causes defects like eye strain and neck tension which further results in other kind of stress. The solution to this is staying off technology and getting fresh air, savor nature.


Oftentimes, individuals disregard this kind of rest. The truth about spiritual rest is that it supersedes all the kinds of rest there are. Let me show you a scripture.

“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest”

Matthew 11:28(MSG)

This scripture gives me joy, ABBA promises to teach us how to take a real rest. The amazing thing about taking spiritual rest is that you can be in a state of rest FOREVER. All you need to do is TRUST GOD and you’ll be totally fine.

Practice these tips daily, get rest as often as you can because it’d help you maintain a healthy state of mind. I really do hope this piece changed your mindset about rest, thanks for reading till the end.

Lots of love, Praize Achom.

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