Q&A with Praize Achom


Its been a wonderful time with you since I started this blog, thanks for your comments, criticisms(that were constructive) and love showed, I’m so grateful.

We’ll be doing a pretty interesting thing today, which is, you getting to know me, I got your questions and will be answering them!! Sit back, grab a drink and enjoy lol.

Let me bless you with this million dollars smile before we proceed😂❤

Question: What’s your full name?

Answer: My name is Achom(Surname) Praise Iheoma Ayomipo(meaning my joy is much)

Question: What are your pet peeves?

Answer: Okay I’d love to start with my biggest pet peeves. So my biggest pet peeves is LACK OF COURTESY. Yess!
For example, you ask me to help you out with a favor without saying please, or when I help you with something and you don’t say “Thank You”, Or when I say “Thank You” to you and you don’t just say “You’re Welcome”, it’s really annoying. So that’s my biggest Pet Peeve.
Then one other thing I do not like is DISHONESTY, well it’s still part of Courtesy right?
So let me just say my Pet Peeve is LACK OF COURTESY generally.

Question: What is your best food?

I don’t have one lol😂💔

Question: How well do you value friendship?

Answer: This is a very great question, I feel valuing friendship or valuing anything has to do with the individual’s value system, I’m someone who really appreciate people’s opinion a lot because I know that I don’t reason the way you reason and vice versa, so possibly what you have I might not have. Um, I just feel like life is interdependent; I need you to survive and you need me to survive, we need the world and nature to survive so TOGETHER WE CAN get things done. So I’ll say I value friendship a lot because it has to do with what I am, and what my world is and will be like.

Question: Why did you start your blog?

Answer: OK, this is one great question. I started my Blog because I saw the need to share knowledge. In as much as we receive knowledge, it is beneficial to share knowledge to people. Most times, I surf the net and find so many really not useful contents so I thought “since people are always on the net, I can do something that will positively affect individuals”. So it’s just basically to impart knowledge.

Question: What keeps you going?

Answer: My vision is what keeps me going. Once I remember I have a lot of things to achieve, automatically, I see the need to strive, I see the need to keep going, I see the need to keep puuusshing!!

A little weirdness😂

Question: What’s your favorite part about writing?

Answer: This has to be EXPRESSION. Yess, I like the fact that I can express my thoughts and share my opinions with people. So that’s like my favorite part of writing. Also, I know that it’d be very sincere because I cannot see my readers, and they cannot see me either, so the best way to express myself and my feelings without knowing if you’re hurt or not, is by writing. Yh. chuckles!!

Question: Why do you write?

Answer: I write because I LOVE WRITING! I’m an introvert, very reserved, so it’s easier to communicate through writing than speaking.

Question: What’s your relationship status?

Answer: I’m single.

Question: What makes you so cool?

Answer: (LAUGHS) Am I so cool? OK. I think being me makes me so cool, yh.

Question: What were your interest when you were a very young teenager?

Answer: Okay, first of all as a young teenager, I didn’t have clear visions, I didn’t have hope for a lot of things, so I really wasn’t interested in a lot of things. The only thing I was interested in was reading. Yh! I read a lott, I actually read a lot.

Question: What are your interests now?

Answer: So presently, I’m very interested in visions, people’s visions because I really know the importance of working according to your vision, purpose and fulfilling destiny. Most especially the young generation; how that I’ve wasted some years in my life and I won’t want any other person to waste years or days or even time at all. I won’t want anybody to waste time, so I’m very much interested and passionate for the young generation and their visions and what they will like to achieve in destiny. Basically Purpose.

Question: What was your life like before you met God?

Answer: Sighs.
Hmm, I already gave a hint in the question preceding the last question, where I was asked about my interest at a young age. I didn’t have clear visions of what my life was. Hmm, without God I didn’t really have em’ hope for life. I was just ready to take life anyhow it comes, I hope you get what I’m saying? I also had personal issues, I had issues with relating with people, I had issues with my mind, I had issues with a lot of things including spirituality, so my life was scattered. Laughs!. It was nothing near organization at all.

Question: What’s your life like now?

Answer: My life presently is a process. Walking with vision, walking with passion, basically on a road to fulfilling destiny. So my life is a process and one which will definitely get completed someday.

Question: Will you choose beauty over intelligence?

Answer: Smiles! I’m not careful to answer on this matter. Laughs!. Ah! I’ll never choose beauty over intelligence. I’d choose intelligence over beauty over and over and over again, but then everyone knows I have both. I’m really smart, intelligent and such a beauté. You don’t wanna know.

I had to do a quick picmix lol😂

Question: What values do you hold spiritually?

Answer: I’d love to answer this question by first establishing a fact. Colossians 3:4 says “when Christ who is our life shall appear, then we also shall appear with him in glory” meaning we just have one life which is Christ. So both spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, career wise, all makes up our life(which is Christ).
Now, to the question. I highly esteem HONOUR because I’m a product of it, you can literally access a man’s grace by simply honoring him. Another is TRANSPARENCY, it builds trust and confidence. One perfect example in scripture is King David. Another thing I esteem highly is OBEDIENCE. I hope I answered that question tho? If I didn’t, ask me via any of my social media handles(I’d leave them below).

Question: Do you speak your native language?

Answer: I don’t speak my native language, sadly.

Question: If you were to be an animal, what animal would you be?

Answer: Umm, this is a pretty interesting question, and I’ll have to say that if I were to be an animal, I’d be a cat. Yh, C-A-T. It em’ describes my personality. I’m very unpredictable, I can be friendly, I am very independent. Em’, I can be quiet(Laughs!), I like attention but only when I want it, and sometimes I could be confusing; not very understandable. I love my space, I don’t like intrusion. I’m an introvert, but can still come out when I want to. So I’ll say a cat. Yes!!

Question: What do you do at your leisure?

Answer: I take pictures (Laughs!!!)
Yess! I love pictures, I’m more of em’ a Picture-Freak. Yh! I take pictures when I’m very free.


Question: What’s your advice to young people?

Answer: First of all, I must say that this question was thrown to me like I’m an old person or should I say a very elderly person?? but I’m also young, and I’m still growing and I’m still learning. So, my advice to young people is that they should as much as possible be themselves, trust God, trust the process, trust yourself, trust your dreams, set priorities and choose them; it’s not enough to set priorities, it’s best to choose them. So, have a plan, have a dream, have a vision and walk towards it without leaving God aside. Let God always be the first thing in mind, let him be first. Scripture says “seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and every other thing will be added to you”. So, put God first then follow your dreams, trust yourself. Believe in yourself, you are your first fan, You are your best fan..Yess, so do that……IT’LL HELP YOU!!

Thank you for coming with me this far, I love y’all deeply❤
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  1. This is super beautiful and impactful 😭.

    I stayed glued. For every time I went to do something else, I had to read again.

    I love you Praise.

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