Oftentimes, we think that joy comes as a result of a happy event, situation, or circumstance. But joy is deeper than just a result of an exciting event. If it were just a result, we would be more sad than joyful because there are more sad than happy occurrences. The truth is this, joy is always ours.

Life is like a sine wave; it goes up and down. So sometimes you are at your ups and other times downs, like a graph. All you need do is stay happy” Ekwugha Clinton Chisomaga.

An apt view of joy is that it is an after effect of serving others, of being nice to people. It could just be the sense of a job well done. In reality, joy is not just a result, it is also a cause. Although it happens to us, it can also be a reason we do or say something.

One of the contradictions of truth is that a happy heart draws all that it needs to remain happy. We can’t always wait for an event to play out in order for us to be joyful, we must produce our own joy and let it act upon situations. Nehemiah once said “The joy of the Lord is your strength”, the presence of inner joy becomes irresistibly attractive to happy events, that’s what it means.

I’ll be sharing a few tips on being joyful.

Firstly, locate the source. Unfortunately, this has been a major problem for many people. Personally, I’ve come to terms with the fact that joy comes from God, joy and God are intertwined. If you must stay joyful, locate and tap into the source.

Secondly, exercise joy. As much as possible, stay positive, stay lighted, stay joyful. Things might not go as planned sometimes but you can choose how to feel, tell your mind what to feel. Know that what’s yours will always be yours, stay happy. Just as John said “now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy

Lastly, express it. Joy is a positive influence in any situation but suppose we can’t feel any in our being, they are ways we can make it spring up such as cheering ourselves up with a bouquet of flowers, a good dinner, a vacation, or even by writing poems and articles. Below is a poem on Joy from Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I’ll end with this, since joy is not just a result, let’s make use of it in our daily lives. It increases for us through use because by thinking, acting and speaking with joy, there won’t be any room for anything else in our lives. Cultivate joy by serving and helping others sincerely, thanks.

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