As trivialized as saying “thank you” is, it is one of the most powerful tools that affect individual/personal values and esteem. When you express your gratitude, you’re simply saying “I notice you, You are relevant, It wouldn’t have happened without you, You are making a difference” and this keeps you positive, at least for that moment.

In fact, I have learned that one of the biggest threats people have is not making a difference. We all want to feel valued, and we all want to know that life matters, that we are important to someone and that’s exactly what saying “thank you” does. Below is a message I received from a friend.

Gratitude is one of the least articulate of the emotions, especially when it’s deep” Felix Frankfurter

It might be just two words in English language, but those words mean so much, sometimes everything to a lot of people.


Often times, people find it difficult to make their appreciation count; this could be as a result of poor expression. So always remember these keys; ABCD

A= Apt and timely.
Usually, we want to plan something different and extremely special to show our appreciation, but that can take time. It is important and very appropriate to say it immediately, even if it seems little. For example, you send your child on an errand and he/she goes without any reluctance, once he/she gets back, do well to say “thank you”, it gives the child a feeling of value.

B= Brevity
Instead of saying “thanks for all you’ve done” in a situation where someone spent time with you, simply say “thank you for your time, I’m grateful”. It adds value to the appreciation when you’re concise.

C= Constant
Don’t be stingy or selfish. Learn to freely say thank you, make it a habit. It makes your relationship with others better.

D= Deep
Only a genuine and sincere appreciation is appreciated. People can identify when you’re not being real because they are smart. Make your appreciation a heart motivation(deeply felt).

Lastly, it is very important to cultivate the habit of appreciation because it automatically affect the world around you. Besides, you’d never know how far your words can go. Personally, I feel highly valued and relevant when I’m appreciated, even randomly.
I really do hope these keys help you express your appreciation effectively. Until my next post, ensure to appreciate people. Thanks, Bye!

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  1. This is absolutely true.
    I’ll start praticising this with you. Thank you for the time you spared to write this article it means a lot❤

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