Before I start sharing my thoughts on principles, I want to make you understand that I’m a girl who doesn’t know so much compared to all there is to know. So every situation I’ve dealt with has had more to do with the acknowledgement of my lack of sufficient knowledge. I’m writing this piece because these principles have saved my head a lot of times and I believe sharing knowledge only improves the world around us.

Principles are propositions that serve as the foundation for a system of belief or for a chain of reasoning. They can be applied regularly as they produce giving quality.

Every individual is faced with situations he or she must respond to daily. Without principles, we will be forced to react to things as if they were just happening for the first time. For example, you’re driving on your way to work right in your lane and another person tries to switch to your lane without notifying you with the trafficator and as a result you nearly got into an accident. Then you come down and create a scene right there ignoring the facts that you should be at work early, then eventually you get a query at work for coming late. If we have already laid down principles for every situation we find ourselves in, it will be quite easy to make the right choices in a short period of time.

Being principled means to consistently operate with principles that can be understood easily. Unfortunately, most individuals can’t do this so the world is less organised as a result.


Principles can be created in different ways. Sometimes we adopt principles from our parents based on how we were brought up, other times from people or religion. I’d still say that in creating principles, you must first of all be fully aware of your personality and goals, and you must create your principles to match them. I trust that these few tips below will help you create your own principles.

1. Make your thoughts: don’t allow what everyone says affect how you lead your life, think for yourself.

2. Have clear goals: sometimes the trapping for success is mistaken for success itself. Don’t confuse your wants for needs, your desires for goals. Set your priorities and choose them.

3. Identify and deal with problems: make every problem an opportunity to improve or become better. Just as Ray Dalio once said “ view painful problems as potential improvements that are screaming at you”

4. Be open-minded: people are wired very differently and lack of understanding will bring about conflicts and disagreements.

5. Decision-making: recognise that the biggest threat to decision making is emotions, never decide based on what you feel. It must be learning and understanding first, then deciding.

As I stated earlier, I wrote this piece because I felt the need to share what works for me. So I do hope of course these few tips help you create your own principles.

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